I’m extremely grateful for the support of my sponsors. The following companies make all of this possible and produce exceptional products that allow me to train and race to the highest levels.

Pivot Cycles – Amazing bikes! I ride a Pivot LES 29er and a Pivot LES Fat. Light and nimble, these bikes excel loaded and unloaded and the swinger dropouts make singlespeed setup a breeze!

Elevated Legs – Recovery to the max. I slip into my Elevated Legs every night before bed and enjoy the massage. They help me keep going day after day and keep my muscles happy and recovering quickly.

K-Lite – Nothing beats the K-Lite system for dyno powered lights. I have run their lights since 2014 and it’s a game changer. Whether I’m commuting, training, or racing, K-Lite lights up the night without a single worry about battery life or not having enough light.

CarboRocket – Nothing beats CarboRocket for fueling up before, during, and after a ride. I love Rocket Red, Half Evil 333, and Rehab recovery! You’ll almost always find CarboRocket in my bottles or my pack on long rides and hard training sessions.

Elevation Wheel Company – Chris at Elevation Wheel Company builds amazing wheels. He’s handled all my builds for years and I never have to worry about rolling out into remote terrain. The Crest on the front of my LES has over 15,000 miles on it and it’s rolling strong!

Revelate Designs – From packs to pogies, Revelate has you covered. They’re innovators in the bikepacking segment and I love using their packs for racing but they work equally well in training and on my commute. You can’t go wrong with their products and you know they’ll stand up to the punishment of the trail while keeping your gear protected.